"Stone Set Studio helped dr. brandt skincare emerge into a new digital era by creating and curating the perfect mix of content. Their content and paid media strategies elevate the brand’s social imprint and contribute to top line growth and sales. They integrated like true members of our team and deliver above and beyond that of any agency or consultants. Stone Set Studio is in a class and category of their own. They are industry leaders in all verticals of social, offering transparency, performance and creativity."

Lisa Raggiri  |  VP Digital, dr. brandt skincare


"Jenna and Emerald create unmatched influencer programs using their deep relationships cultivated over the last decade and strategic approach. They are true masters of influencer marketing, which makes sense because they have helped create it!"

 Elizabeth Monson  |  Marketing, Rockets of Awesome


"Stone Set Studio has been key in helping me define my brand, editorial, and positioning. Their ability to craft and execute a marketing plan with a luxury point of view is unmatched and I'm proud to call them my team."

 Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy  |  Entrepreneur & Influencer